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An end-to-end Broadcast Management solution, including Rights Management, Planning, Marketing, EPG, Air Time Sales, Promotions, Media Management, Scheduling, Research and Finance for a single to multi channel setup.

Bman offers unique features for channel profiles such as strip and strand, movie, PPV service, LIVE, ad-hoc placements or any combination of it.

Rights Management

Group and channel based rights for commissioned, acquired and PPV contracts. Includes broadcast windows, territories, media and language subtitle/dubbing restrictions..


Graphical, Strategic, Movie, NVOD and detailed planning. Unique scratch pad feature allowing fine-tuning of planned slots.

Marketing and EPG

Management and publication of listings, synopsis, cast and credit details, plus, EPG SI Service details in multiple languages. Full support for conditional access and other related features required for PPV service.

Airtime Sales

An Airtime Sales module to support in-house sales operations. Also includes interfaces to all major Airtime Sales systems in instances where a broadcaster's commercial airtime is managed by an external body.

Promotions Management

A unique offering of a promotion-planning feature to manage and track campaigns. In addition, full support for interstitial material such as promotions, idents, bumpers, slides, bugs and announcements.


A total solution to track and manage physical material over a number of locations. Interface to allow desktop browsing. A powerful text based search engine to aid fast retrieval of material details such current location, movement history etc..


A versatile tool to allow the preparation of accurate schedule. Various aids to ensure valid events are included for play-out. To speed the process from start to completion Bman pre-builds schedules using channel, date range, day part and event based profiles.


The research module allows the broadcaster to import and analyze audience-viewing figures from multiple researches. This can be viewed against own and competitors schedules. Figures can be summarized and viewed by events such as programmes, commercials and interstitial material or simply averaged out by hour, day part, days and weeks to view general trend.


Various finance reporting, plus interfaces to finance systems if required.

Desktop Browsing

Support for a number of standards to suite broadcaster's budget and infrastructure.