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With our products, the emphasis is placed with operational support to aid people on the fore front. However, we go a step further, we ensure in today's information world, management can monitor vital business indicators through our data warehousing and Inter/Intra net connectivity.

Products currently offered by MAP multiMEDIA are:


An end-to-end Broadcast Management solution, including Rights Management, Planning, Marketing, EPG, Air Time Sales, Promotions, Media Management, Scheduling, Research and Finance for a single to multi-channel setup.

Bman offers unique features for channel profiles such as strip and strand, movie, PPV service, LIVE, ad-hoc placements or any combination of it.



Rights Management package for studios and agents to manage and track broadcast licenses acquired and issued to channels. Includes a finance module.


Facilities Management System for Broadcasters and Facility houses to manage and schedule resources of various kinds. Including equipment, editing suite, staff, media material, stock etc. Includes invoicing and costing features



A total management solution for companies renting or selling audiovisual equipment. Including an online order management, plus, B2B features.


                                                                                                                               A number of solutions to meet individual's budget and infrastructure. Supported with comprehensive data warehousing with a text based search engine for quick clip retrievals.