Result-Driven Web Design Process


A sleek web design takes into count both aesthetic and technical aspects of a site. The goal is to communicate what we want, meet customer expectations, and maintain a functional website. Every project requires a core understanding of what the business does, plus its marketing ambitions. As a leading web design Toronto agency, we follow a proven web design process to ensure seamless results. Here is a blueprint for your website design;

It is always free and a convenient session in which we explain our website design services and get to know your website needs. The aim is to provide an online strategy that is aligned with your marketing plan. During the consultation, you will also understand what we can do and the cost of your project.

Goal Clarification
You may want a new website from scratch or a redesign for more website traffic. Whichever the case may be, our team ensures to understand your goals for a smooth workflow. Also, to provide solutions that will most make an impact.

Target Audience
Crafting for your niche is the cornerstone to achieving your goals. We can help you understand your audience clearly and offer insights to make your website highly functional. We possess web design experience for audiences within B2B and B2C industries.

Competitor Analysis
With over a decade in the web design field, we possess substantial expertise in identifying and studying online business rivals. We will analyze your competitors to develop winning website design strategies against them.


Using all the information gathered in the strategy building stage now is the time to plan out. This stage includes the

  • Building a website's graphical layout
  • The formation of wireframes
  • Content outlines, responsive storyboards
  • Website flowcharts

Web page divisions to showcase products or services.

These significant points allow our web designers and developers to work aptly on the layout and final design of the Website, its site map, content creation, and the hyperlink portion with the latest web designing technologies in the web development process.


Now it's time to turn ideas into reality. A well-planned website structure, along with the visual representation, is delivered at this stage. We build web site designs based on the client's expectations.

Wireframe And Elements Designing
We first jot down all the essential information on a document from our clients, and then we start with making a wireframe for the home page and all the other web pages.

Mock-Ups As Required
Mock-up helps us in the testing of a design, which makes all your changes to the site design elements easy. It will help clients with the outlook for how the real Website will appear.

Reviews And Approvals
It is the stage where we send designs to the client for a review. Here the client can tell whether he is satisfied with the design or not. It is the final step for making changes as per the client's instructions as after coding, it will be tough to make the changes.

Code Valid XHTML/CSS
It is the last stage of designing. Developers will code the final chosen design. Carve the final Photoshop mock-up, and code the HTML and CSS for the design.


Now the design stage will end, and we will start with complex web development codes to create a functional and user-friendly website. We will develop your Website after considering certain essential factors:

Developers will choose the latest platform with the right framework, such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Laravel etc.

It is the place where all the website data is going to stay. Developing a logical and robust database for the smooth performance of the Website will be our primary focus.

We will ensure your Website accomplish with all the latest features and functionalities.

A website is nothing without content. So we will make sure you have the right material for your Website as we have experienced and professional content writers to deliver explicit content for the site.

We are testing whether the desired website model is working correctly. We have certified quality analysts to check your Website on various devices and browsers.

Toronto Digital Marketing Experts will implement SEO features and start working towards optimizing and ranking your Website organically well in search engines.


The launch of a website is among the most critical activities.

Testing Everything
Before we launch your site to the world and start welcoming visitors, our web developers check to make sure everything works as it's planned. We will preview your Website on all the popular browsers, perform a speed test, check all your links and test all of your forms.

Authorizing The Prototype
After we authorize the prototype, the Website is ready for the search engines to index and crawl.

In-depth Content Review
Most times, the search engine bots review the text for some faults like grammar or spellings etc. So we're making sure your audience has the best web experience by eliminating such petty issues.

Connecting Your Website To Google Analytics:
We know that at last, you only want to know how your site is performing and how website visitors are engaging with the site's content. So, Google Analytics is a free tool where we can know more about your audience's demographics, how much time they're spending on the Website, and which site pages they're visiting.


  • Our facilities do not end after we launch your Website. As the most valuable work that is successful website promotion comes after the launch process.
  • We have the best experts from the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to effectively market your Website and ensure an effective content management system.
  • Promotion is a prominent part of the website launch since it is the only way to draw the audience.
  • Our marketing team follows a reasoned approach using in-depth research of the Website and its service and then adopts various strategies for effective branding.
  • At Kinex Media, we ensure the best digital approaches to help you run your company in this challenging environment.

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