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Operate with an aesthetically designed website that defines your business and offers a remarkable impression to the buyer. We specialize in building personalized B2C websites that offer amazing experiences to customers with every action they take. 

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Our team has comprehensive expertise in creating excellent and innovative website designs to establish an appealing business platform that enhances brand engagement and helps in more conversion by integrating technology, hard work, and creativity.

B2C Commfirst Project by Kinex Media

Customized B2C Web Design Services

Selling to online customers requires a business to be creative, focused, and aware of its target audience. More so, the website needs to be impressive, responsive, and functional for users to navigate easily. You also need clear CTAs for the shoppers to take necessary action, and with that, you require customized web design solutions.

Kinex Media is an award-winning website design agency and specializes in designing websites for B2C businesses. We cater to a number of website design requirements like designing, development, testing, product page optimization, and website launch. We are excellent at crafting user-friendly and search engine-friendly websites to help grow your business and increase online sales.

Featured Web Design Projects

We constantly upgrade our skills to bring your website into the limelight by creating interactive interfaces.

  • Galaxy Logo Designed By Kinex Media B2C Web Design Firm

    We built a B2B website for Galaxy Solution that provides complete remote solutions.

    • 400% Increase in Sales
    • 150% Overall Revenue Growth
    • 200% Increase in Traffic
    View Project
    Galaxy B2C Project Developed by Kinex Media
  • Staples Logo Designed By Kinex Media

    We designed websites For Canada's Renowned Business & Technology Product Supplier.

    • 268% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 57% Increase in Conversion
    • 400% Increase in Online Sales
    View Project
    Staples B2C Web Design Project Developed by Kinex Media
  • Bluelink Logo Designed By Kinex Media

    Blue Link website designed & developed by Kinex Media.

    • 300% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 250% Increase in Total Revenue
    • 120% Increase in Web Traffic
    View Project
    Bluelink B2C Project Developed By Kinex Media

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How to Design a Successful

How Our B2C Web Design Process Works

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

With many businesses entering the digital landscape, operating an online store has become competitive from every angle. Ideally, every business targets almost the same audience. With this, packaging your online business in a way that speaks to the target audience is essential. Also, a well-defined online business strategy is necessary. We are very keen on our clients’ business goals, and every web design solution revolves around that. Apart from offering tailored web design services, we also provide digital marketing, PPC, (pay-per-click), and SEO services to online businesses. Once you approach us, we shall study your business, competitors, and then offer personalized solutions.

Business Analysis B2C Web Design By Kinex Media

Target Audience Analysis

Target Audience Analysis

Online shoppers prefer a personalized experience once they start engaging with a brand. More so, they expect a business to understand their needs and make them feel treasured. We specialize in crafting customer-centred websites that boost conversions and maximize online sales. Our team is highly experienced in designing and developing websites for our B2C clients to serve their customers better. Regardless of the products you sell, services, or the industry you're in, we can help you craft a website for your target audience. We shall embed the required CTAs and make it highly interactive.

Target Audience Analysis By Kinex Media B2C Website Design Firm

Crafting Needs

Crafting Needs

As experienced web designers, we understand that crafting a website requires a well-planned strategy focused on attaining business goals and serving customers better. There are a lot of considerations that we take into count while designing a website. These include the Content management system, site architecture, visual elements, plugin and social media integration. After defining the site’s blueprint, creating the Sitemaps and wireframes, we then focus on the visuals. These visuals are determined depending on the business’s goals, the brand it desires to build and the target audience. We then proceed to build the site’s HTML and CSS.

Crafting Needs To Fulfill Business Goals With b2C Web Design Company Kinex Media

User Experience

User Experience

Keeping up with the digital sphere’s standards is a challenge today, and businesses that fail to do so can miss out on a lot of opportunities. There are many trends that we as web designers follow to meet the expectations of internet users and the growing number of millennials. Unlike in the past, mobile phone use is only increasing, and web designers and developers must cater to this reality. User experience is all that website users desire, and in return, it enhances organic web traffic, conversions, and online sales. Our B2C website design services are customer-centred and ensure to provide a seamless customer journey on a website.

B2C Website User Experience by Kinex Media



We don’t just design websites, but offer a range of services including website monitoring and periodic checkups. A B2C website must fully be functional, scalable, and glitch-free. Each minute of operational or technical issues, causes a business to lose in terms of money, traffic, and potential customers. We are a dedicated team of B2C web designing service providers and test your website before launching it and monitor it for as long as you require our help. Our technical team ensures that your website’s performance is as required and accessible to all users.

B2C Website Monitoring By Kinex Media
  • Business Analysis
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Crafting Needs
  • User Experience
  • Monitoring

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