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Almost everyone aspires to start their own venture, and the start-ups are booming in this era. For the effective communication with the client the website is the best source these days. Kinex Media has been developing websites for many start-ups from all sectors. For us, good website design is not just merely design, but a fully-functional website that is friendly towards visitors.

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Our team has comprehensive expertise in creating excellent and innovative website designs to establish an appealing business platform that enhances brand engagement and helps in more conversion by integrating technology, hard work, and creativity.

ESS Project Developed By Kinex Media

Start-up Website Design or Redesign

We are keeping nose to the grindstone so as to deliver the best and eye-catching websites for our clients. We understand how difficult it is for a start-up to establish them as a brand and hence, we fight teeth and nail so as to deliver the high-quality websites for them. We design the modern websites with relevant content which are fully responsive. We believe that developing a strong foundation for your start-up is essential for its digital growth.

We are here to make things simple and build a brand. We help grow audiences and make sure that a lot of visitors are attracted towards your website. With the prominent taglines and logos combined with consistent messaging and colors, we are here to set up the representation of your business.

Featured Web Design Projects

We constantly increase the number of clients and bring your website into the limelight by creating interactive interfaces.

  • AAA Warranty Services Logo Designed by Kinex Media

    We designed a Start-up website for AAA Warranty Services, internationally licensed to provide 'Extended Warranty' for vehicles

    • 268% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 57% Increase in Conversion Rate
    • 400% Increase in Monthly Transactions
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    AAA Warranty Services Project Developed By Kinex Media
  • ESS Logo Designed by Kinex Media

    We designed website for ESS Support Services that provides Senior Support & Adult Care Services.

    • 700% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 80% Increase in Monthly Online Orders
    • 200% Increase in Total Revenue
    View Project
    ESS Project Developed by Kinex Media Startup Web Design Company
  • A Guide Logo Designed by Kinex Media

    We designed a website for woodworking architecture.

    • 400% Increase in Online Sales
    • 150% Overall Revenue Growth
    • 200% Increase In Traffic
    View Project
    A Guide WoodWorking Developed by Kinex Media Startup Website Design Company

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How to Design a Successful

Start-up Website

Comprehending Client’ needs

Comprehending Client’ needs

We lay the foundation for success by identifying our client’s needs. We invest handsome time to know about our client so that we can have a comprehensive understanding of their needs. An open conversation with our client is what we follow and this strategic approach helps us in fulfilling their expectations. This approach directs us towards useful insights into their needs and allows us broad view of challenges in the business. We try to analyze about their competitors in the industry and follow a set of questionnaire to ask them.

  • What is the motive for developing this website
  • What do you want your visitors to do?
  • What kind of functionalities do you want to visitors to have?
  • Who are your biggest competitors?

With an in-depth analysis, we understand their needs and hence, start our work

We have Comprehensive Understanding of Client needs

Probe, Ideas, and Sketch

Probe, Ideas, and Sketch

The second step we make headway is to research the ideas related to the specific start-up’s industry. This allows us an ample time to develop a brand strategy for your website. We do not jump into the designing part without making a plan. We sit together to brainstorm new ideas and have a creative planning for your website. We try to investigate about your competitors so as to take inspiration from their ideas and make necessary improvements.

We try and find new layouts, designs, animations, and multimedia sources such as video and imagery that helps in communicating who you are and what you do.

We have Probe Ideas And Sketch For Startup Web Design



Wireframes are a rough layout of your website. We design wireframes as it helps us in saving time and make improvements in team working. A proper coordination is followed between the designer, developer and a clearer communication is what allows us to eliminate all the problems. The wireframes make better communication with the client and it allows many different approaches to generate different ideas.

Through wireframes, we can make any necessary alterations before we go too far ahead.

Wireframes For Perfect Startup Web Design by Kinex Media



We believe that a prototype can save your company a fortune. A prototype is essential for the successful launch of a website. It assists our team with communication and collaboration. With the effective prototyping model, we set our design priorities. A prototype allows a great benefit of design and helps us in making any improvements at an early stage of design, and to rectify other issues.

It helps us in engaging our clients and to have their views in a better way at an early stage. It helps us to incorporate the changes instantly while saving the cost and time of our client.

Prototype is Essential For the Successful Launch of a Website
  • Comprehending Client’ needs
  • Probe, Ideas, and Sketch
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype

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