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Our team has comprehensive expertise in creating excellent and innovative website designs to establish an appealing business platform that enhances brand engagement and helps in more conversion by integrating technology, hard work, and creativity.

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Law Firm Website Design and Redesign

We are masters in rebranding and making impossible to possible. Achieving the goal is our utmost priority and we try and implement new methodologies and paths that lead to it. We follow a well-structured approach while developing a law firm web design in Toronto. A process wheel and a systematic strategy is followed to accomplish success. The different phases comprises a approach that acts as a bridge to success for your business.

We try to comprehend the needs of our customers and on the basis of their expectations, we carry out a plan for the appropriate website design for lawyers From developing to creating the best visual design, we try to care of the small things. Efficacious content is the key to a great web design for law firms.

Featured Web Design Projects

We constantly increase the number of clients and bring your website into the limelight by creating interactive interfaces.

  • Crangle Law Firm Logo Designed By Kinex Media

    We designed a website for the leading Law Firm.

    • 350% Increase in Sales
    • 180% Overall Revenue Growth
    • 250% Increase in Traffic
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    Crangle Law Firm Project Developed by Kinex Media
  • Dale Streiman Logo Designed by Kinex Media

    We designed a website for a full-service law firm based in GTA but serving all over Canada.

    • 280% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 65% Increase in Conversion
    • 390% Increase in Online Sales
    View Project
    Dale Streiman Law Firm Project Developed by Kinex Media
  • Kotak Law Logo Designed By Kinex Media

    We designed a website for the leading Disability & Personal Injury Lawyer.

    • 390% Increase in Growth Rate
    • 310% Increase in Total Revenue
    • 180% Increase in Web Traffic
    View Project
    Kotak Law Firm Project Developed by Kinex Media

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How to Design a Successful

Law Firm Website Design

Comprehending Client’s Needs

Comprehending Client’s Needs

Before initiating our plan, we try to gather as much as information from the client. The more information we gather, the more it helps in designing the appropriate website design. We try to listen to their views and try to visualize their point of view. We strongly believe that the communication is necessary and by understanding what they like, their dislikes, budget and time, makes it easy for us to accomplish the project in a successful manner.

We ask them a certain set of questions and note each and every single detail on the paper. The questions are as follows:

  • What is the purpose of this website?
  • What kind of audience do they want to target?
  • List of their competitors.
Comprehending Client Needs - Website Design Law Firm

Probe, Ideas & Sketch

Probe, Ideas & Sketch

We never start designing directly as it is the biggest mistake one can do. Our team is well-experienced and tries to understand each and every minute detail written. The next thing we follow is to research the relative ideas and make a brief sketch of the design. We try to compile the ideas with creativity and technology. In this phase, we look for the best websites and layouts, colors, shapes, animations based on the client’s needs.

Our team looks for all the national and international competitors and makes improvements based on this analysis. It is important for us to know about your rivals as it helps us in creating the appropriate and fantabulous strategy to assure you of the business success. Our outstanding team of web designers is highly skilled and assures you of the ultimate web designs which are user-centered and easy to navigate.

Probe Ideas and Sketch Before Starting Work on Project



Wireframes are the layout of your website. They give a visual structure to your website. We use the wireframes in grayscale to focus only on the layout. Our team lists all the elements to be added to the web page. We meet with our client to discuss the best placement for their content. A proper information hierarchy is followed which helps us to make any mandatory adjustments.

While creating wireframes, we try to take care of the elements which are going to interact with each other and how will the visitors move around the site. A master plan covers many things and after an in-depth investigation of the current session and brainstorming session with your team, we choose the eye-catching color combinations, typography, videos, animations, and portioning of the page content.

Wireframes Give a Visual Structure to website



After carrying out the wireframes and style tiles, a prototype is developed. The development of a prototype before its ideal launch is ideal for the client. Prototyping helps us in involving our clients and end-users and assists in the exceptional appreciation of the ultimate solution. Our team holds a belief that prototype generally helps in identifying the problems at an early age and firms up how the final solution will look and function.

It improves and increases the user involvement. We are able to get brief insights into the client’s requirements and are able to make any mandatory changes as per their convenience at this stage.

Prototype Improves and Increases the User Involvement
  • Comprehending Client’s Needs
  • Probe, Ideas & Sketch
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype

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